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My name is Sam, and I am a seasoned expert in trademark law with years of experience in guiding clients across different industries. I have a deep understanding of the complexities involved in trademark registration and the importance of securing trademarks to protect your brand identity.

My passion for trademark registration started when I was working for a law firm that specialized in intellectual property. I quickly realized that helping businesses protect their brands was an area where I could make a real difference. Since then, I've dedicated myself to helping clients navigate the complex world of trademark registration.

What sets me apart from other trademark registration specialists is my attention to detail and my commitment to providing excellent customer service. I understand that trademark registration can be a daunting process for many businesses, which is why I strive to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. I take the time to explain every step of the process to my clients, and I'm always available to answer any questions they may have.

When it comes to trademark registration, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is unique, and I pride myself on providing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, I have the expertise and knowledge to help you protect your brand.

 Sam did a terrific job assisting me with my Trademarks. This is the third one he’s assisted with me so far and I’ve been approved for one today, ironically. He gives you visual step by step directions for completing the online forms once he’s finished with your application. He’s definitely competently in intellectual property. 

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Trademark Application for Brand name

 I am happy with the trademark registration service I received from prolegal_sam. Firstly, the communication was excellent. Sam was prompt in replying to my messages and was always available to answer any questions I had. He was very knowledgeable about the entire trademark registration process and made sure that all the necessary documentation was in order. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the trademark registration service I received. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs to register their trademark. Thank you Sam 

Trademark application

 The registration process was done professionally. I thought the filling would be difficult, but Sam took his time to guide me through the process. In addition, he gave me an online step-by-step step guide to completing the final filing process. I am very satisfied with his work. 

Trademark Application

 In my experience, Prolegal Sam demonstrated a high level of professionalism, consistently maintaining ethical standards and treating me with respect and courtesy. He was also highly efficient, delivering work in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. Most importantly, the quality of his work was exceptional, demonstrating his expertise and knowledge of the law. Overall, I highly recommend this lawyer for anyone seeking legal representation 

Trademark Application

 Very smooth service and an easy submission process. I took a long time to give him the information he would need from any business. Without my own delay, this would have been done in no time. I've gone to Sam for all of my IP needs thus far. 

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Trademark Registration

 I had an excellent experience working with him on my USPTO trademark application. They were professional, responsive, and knowledgeable, guiding me through each step of the process and ensuring that my application was filed correctly the first time. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction was top-notch, and I highly recommend him to anyone needing trademark filing services 


 First time getting a trademark for Amazon brand registry in the US as a UK seller. Very quick, and painless. Had some issue with my end, IT issues, but down to me. Very helpful in resolving. 


 Sam is very patient and quick with delivering services. The communication is outstanding and he helped me get through the trademark application smoothly. I have no doubt that Sam will help throughout the whole process until the end. I recommend his trademark services and I will continue to work with Sam on other trademarks 


 Prolegal Sam went above and beyond - in every aspect of not only showing how to apply to USPTO and the final sale. Prolegal Sam is humble,helpful,friendly,knowledgeable and very patient. Definitely will use his expertise and services again. 


 He did a good job, he explained everything that needed to be done with luxury and details and the communication was always fast, also the registration of the trademark was super easy. I recommend it 100%. I will keep it in mind for future projects 


 Sam is extraordinary, it was very easy to work with him, he is very professional and patient, he responds very quickly to any question you have, he guides you step by step in the whole process, I really recommend his work 


 Sam was great! He communicated every step of the way, and gave us detailed instructions on how to finish off our application. We would definitely recommend him to anyone, and will gladly work with him for any other trademarks we may need! 


 He has done everything to the letter and has helped me with all my doubts on this subject. I will register my future trademarks with him without hesitation 


 He is available for questions and very nonjudgemental. Quick delivery, too. And way cheaper than what was referred to me by my blogging colleagues. I will highly recommend it. I will contact him again for the next transactions. Awesome job. 


 Sam is very quick and professional. He has handled several trademark orders and technical situations for me flawlessly. Look no further if you're looking for someone who is experienced and really takes pride in their work. Very highly recommended. Five stars! 


 Sam was incredibly patient and super helpful. Offered to set up a Zoom call to answer my questions. I definitely recommend working with Sam 


 Sam's amazing! I've worked with him before and I know I can count on him. This was fast and easy. He's super responsive and professional. Thanks Sam! 


 Sam turned around my trademark search in the agreed-upon timeframe. His deliverable is clear and easy to understand and provides information on the classes he searched that are relevant to your business/brand. Thanks Sam! 


 Excellent advice since we share with him what we wanted to do. We were able to apply for the trademark registration. Despite the fact that the registration takes time due to the USPTO, the registration process was carried out quickly and professionally, now we have to wait for our brand to be approved. I know that we have this professional in case of any inconvenience. Thank 


 Excellent delivery On time. prolegal_sam is very experienced in his field and he was very coperative and clarified all my doubts on this subjects.. defenitely recommended 


 Incredibly smooth process and delivery. So worth the money in that he takes all the complication out of figuring out exactly what you have to do to fill out the trademark application. Will definitely process more trademarks with Sam's help. 


 Fantastic service at a stellar price. Don't hesitate to work with Sam. He was so thorough and thoughtful in answering every single one of my questions. He truly knows what he's doing and makes every step SUPER EASY. I'm saving this as one of my favorite services on Fiverr! 


 I recently had the pleasure of working with Prolegal_sam to file an office action for my USTPO trademark and I couldn't be happier with the results. Prolegal_sam was outstanding in their ability to quickly and efficiently guide me through the process. They were extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions I had. Their attention to detail and dedication to ensuring my trademark was filed correctly was truly impressive. I highly recommend Prolegal_sam to anyone in need of trademark assistance. 5 stars! 


 Sam is very easy to work with! I have selected Sam twice for Trademark registry and would highly recommend him to family & friends. Not only does he get the job done FAST he is very responsive when I have reached out with questions. Thanks Sam! 


 Always easy and efficient service. I really love working with Sam! He always keeps me chill when I freak out about the process! Definitely a good guy to work with! 


 We are in the middle of a refusal from USTPO due to trademark confusion. Sam did the trademark process and now is handling this process. Looking forward to see the trademark finally approved. Excellent service until now. Thanks 


 I was filing a trademark in the US as a non-US citizen. Very communicative, very clear. thank you, would definitely use again. Thank you Sam. 


 I highly recommend working with Sam! He's very knowledgable and delivers excellent work well within the deadline. 


 Very professional, understood what I needed and took immediate action. Filed my trademark the next day and I am appreciative of the smooth process 


 Sam has been an amazing help throughout this whole process. We are at the home stretch and can't wait for everything to be finalized!! Thanks again for all your help! 


 Excellent delivery On time. prolegal_sam is very experienced in his field and he was very coperative and clarified all my doubts on this subjects.. definitely recommended 


 Incredibly smooth process and delivery. So worth the money in that he takes all the complication out of figuring out exactly what you have to do to fill out the trademark application. Will definitely process more trademarks with Sam's help. 


 Sam was awesome to work with!! He responded to my messages very quickly and he made the whole TM application process very easy with his step-by-step instructions. I highly recommended his service!! Thank you Sam!! :-) 


 Smooth, seamless experience. Sam makes this process ridiculously simple for a novice like myself. Thanks so much. 


 Always a pleasure working with Sam. Very good communication, quick, and efficient. The best for trademarks. 


 Great to work with Sam, he did everything very quick and efficiently, very knowledgeable of the field. Recommended 


 Well done Sam. helped us to file our brand for trademark registry within 24 hours. Now we just have to wait for the USPTO to review our filing and approve it. Thank you !! 


 Thanks Sam! Application went smooth and easy to process. Sam was very cordial and responsive to my messages. Will be doing more work with him later in the future. 


 Sam was great, patient and efficient! Made this process more easier than expected! Thank you again, will recommend for my next trademark! 


 Sam was extremely quick and to the point. The directions he provided made what would normally be a difficult process to comprehend for a first-timer easy to complete in a matter of minutes. 


 Super easy trademarking! Thank you, Sir - you are my new go-to! This guy is legit, fast turn around and literally gave us everything we needed to file in 24hours 


 Great experience, Sam was amazing! He was so quick. He got all of my paperwork done on time. He was super friendly and helpful and made applying for my trademark pretty easy through Zoom. I would highly recommend him! And I really appreciate his hard and honest work. 


 Great experience working with Sam, help me with all my queries and he was there with me all the way ! Fully recommend for new and experienced customers alike Very generous prices too 😎 


 I registered another brand a few years ago, and the process took a lot longer, with the person I previously worked with. Sam was great to work with. He was very quick to get the job done, and very helpful when I had questions. I highly recommend working with Sam. 


 The best gig ever, Very well communication and for a really good price the work he has done is much value then the money u will pay for, I Recommend this gig to everyone who is looking around 


 Sam was very professional and prompt. He was patient and answered all my questions and walked me through some difficulties I had. He is also very available considering our time difference. This is my first time paying a significant amount for a fiver service but I must say it was well worth the money. 10/10 would recommend Sam for all your trademark needs, I will certainly be returning when I need to extend my trademark to other countries 


 It went great, the new site made things a little confusing, but he could not have known it looks different now, He was great and did as asked, I would use again 


 Choose this one on Fiverr. I had a bad experience with other lawyer on Fiverr before finding Sam (not including names) with problems and demands that just showed non-professional experience. I was very frustrated and became suspicious about this whole "Fiverr lawyer" thing. BUT, after finding Sam, he was here for any question, made everything easy to understand, and he is a true professional in terms of knowing how the USPTO system works. I don't know yet if he did everything right in terms of quality of the application itself because we just finished filling it, but in the meantime everything went smoothly, and my general feeling is that I'm in good hands. Don't overthink, choose this one. 


 I browsed for few days waiting to find someone I personnaly liked who had great reviews, I fell upon sam & I literally threw him a bunch if questions, whom he answered fast & clearly, everything was done within 24 hours and I can literally start asap because of this, I highly suggest Sam for TM. 


 Sam was amazing! He was so quick. He got all of my paperwork done within 24 hours. He is was super friendly and helpful and made applying for my trademark a breeze. I would highly recommend him! 


 I must say Samson is Awesome and more than patient with me . I was lost but he made time and always remain professional and understanding . So he filed for my trademark for me. I can't wait to get good news soon that I own my logosand brand name. `I truly recommend him without any doubt. He was a true blessing to me . Due to the fact ,I was lost and confused . Which he made the process very simple . Your in Great hands and his communication is above 5 stars, thats for sure! 


 Excellent quick service and responds to any questions almost immediately. Highly recommend for your trademark search and application needs. 


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If you're looking for a trademark registration specialist who can help you navigate the complex world of trademark law, look no further than Sam. With my experience, expertise, and commitment to customer service, I'm confident that I can help you protect your brand and achieve your business goals.